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From the studio to the field, Location Sound Recordist Jeff Stone is experienced and
equipped for any of your audio needs.

  • Extensive experience in fast-paced, “run and gun” productions with all applicable
  • Excellent working knowledge with the setup and use of field and studio audio
  • Strong work ethic, highly motivated, prompt, courteous, presentable, professional
    and self-disciplined.

Stone Productions provides full Audio Packages for TV, Film and Corporate Media.

Commitment to Sustainable work practices.

Stone Productions is committed to our business practices resulting in zero impact on the environment. To this end, rechargeable batteries, long lasting batteries and E-Cycling are used to eliminate waste and the harmful effects of batteries in our landfills.

  • Mixer & Receivers powered by Li-Ion rechargeable MP1 batteries
  • Transmitters & Comtek powered by Li-Polymer rechargeable 9V batteries
  • Any disposable battery’s used are E-Cycled for environmentally proper disposal